GBG Black Metal Fest bjuder upp till en rejäl jävla kyrkbrännarafton på Sticky Fingers Top Floor!

Live: Nox Vorago, Nekrokraft, On The Altar


Kvällen inleds med quiz där frågor ställs före och mellan banden med två biljetter till Cannibal Corpse i potten.
Efter gigen fortsätter festen i källaren där vi kommer blasta ENDAST Black och Dödsmetal tills kommunen ber oss brinna i helvetet.

Därefter kör vi en timme till!

Inträde: 120kr


20:00: Dörrar

20:30: Quiz Start
21:00: On The Altar + quiz
21:50: Nekrokraft + quiz
22:50: Nox Vorago + vinnare av quiz
00:00: Efterfest i källaren med DJ från WITCHERY


Nox Vorago's aspiration has always been and always will be to create something that they feel truly incorporates every element of the bands' collective creative being; mysticism, history, rites and legends merging into one cohesive package of music, imagery and fantasy.
With the dawn of 2017 Nox Vorago's second album titled Al Chem was finally ready to be unleashed upon the world. Al Chem features seven songs that, all in their own way, represent some part of the inspirational dark philosophy and mystic phenomena that continue to challenge mankinds' perception of reality.

Nox Vorago saw the light of day in Gothenburg, Sweden. In their early days they performed at various local clubs and also opened for some bigger acts, such as Wolves in the throne room (CA) at club Nemis.
Their first full-length album titled “Obsidian Stonemirrors”, was recorded and mixed at Grand
Recording Studio in Gothenburg 2012, and was released later that same year. The album received good reviews during 2013 and also won the band a slot at the Metal Town festival's Close Up stage, being labeled "best unsigned band" in 2013 by Close Up Magazine. 
In December 2013 the band went on a european tour as support act to Six Feet Under (US). During 2014 they went on a second european tour as c/o headlining act to Vredehammer(NO).

Nox Vorago released the single “Nuremberg 1561” in February 2015, later that year they started the recording of their second album "Al Chem" which was later released in 2017, together with the bands new visual image and live show. Since the release of Al Chem they've been touring and playing live extensively in support of their new album, sharing the stage with bands such as Vader (PL), Decapitated (PL), Dark Tranquility (SE) and Children of Bodom (FIN) to name a few.


Nekrokraft is melodic, blackened thrash metal with moments of explosive brutality and speed. Keeping and old-school approach without being retro, the band offers both classic metal influences and extreme metal influences such as melodies, harmonies and blast-beats. Erupting like a lava pillar from the Ostrogothia soil that have provided the world with countless of breathtaking metal and rock acts during the last decade. The intrusive chill of the band will raise hairs on the backs of both man and beasts.

“It's all about witches brew, the fucking woods and thrashing through the boundaries of hell” - Doc B.


On The Altar är ett melodiskt black metal band från Göteborg som skriver musik om natur, mystik, andlighet och gudar. Musiken kan beskrivas som melodiös, vacker och deppig men även mörk och aggressiv.