Year of the Goat + Dun Ringill - Sticky Fingers

Det vankas releasekväll med YEAR OF THE GOAT och DUN RINGILL på Sticky Fingers!
Båda banden släpper nytt material och det ska vi såklart fira.





Year of the Goat has to date released two albums, two EP’s and two 7” single. On December 9th 2016 they released a brand new single, covering one of their favourite artists. Year of the Goat was formed back in 2006 as a side project for members of other Doom and Metal bands. The band released an EP, Lucem Ferre, in 2011, that was rather well received.


The band find most of their inspiration in music from the sixties and seventies, but some touches of NWOBHM has snuck in there as well. Other sources of inspiration can be found in movies and books.

The sound of the band is built around three guitars and extra flavours are added through the use of the Mellotron and organs. The love of beautiful melodies, eerie atmospheres and contrasts shows itself in the music of the group. Some have described it as being grand, majestic, retro and somewhat progressive.




When The Order of Israfel took a one year break from September 2017, the rhythm section Patrik Andersson Winberg (Bass) and Hans Lilja (Drums, (also in Lotus)) grabbed the chance to create new music again together with Patrik's old band mate from the Doomdogs era, Tomas Eriksson (Intoxicate and ex Grotesque).


Of what started as a dark and doomy project with Nordic folk influences, creating music with big harmonies and present them with lyrics in the land of evil and darkness that were hiding behind a closed door in the mind of Winberg, became something bigger and your new favorite Swedish Heavy Doom Rock band was born.


DUN RINGILL finished to record their debut album with mastermind Julien Fabré as sound engineer and co-producer together with the band. 'Welcome' is set for an album release in early 2019 with Argonauta Records, the soon to be unveiled album artwork has been created by Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquility). DUN RINGILL's debut will also feature songs with guest musicians such as Per Wiberg of Candlemass, Kamchatka and formerly Opeth.