The Torch from Gothenburg, Sweden, started out under the name Smash Atoms in 2012. 
Uncompromised hard rock, mixed with solid melodies, gave the band a distinct sound and reputation as a very tight liveband in their hometown.

After the mandatory switching of a few members, the name was changed to The Torch, symbolized by a burning Fenix bird.

In 2014 The Torch released their debut album through swedish Rambo Music, and were hailed as one
of the best ”new” bands by Classic Rock Magazine. Songs from the album were played on swedish national and commercial radio, but also in Italy, France, Belgium and Washington state, US. In 2018, The Torch are ready to unleash their new, grunge-influenced record ”Chasing Light” through STF Records. 

For everyone who loved the -90’s, The Torch is bringing it back to you in a brand new formula of their own!


The Torch is:

Martin Söderqvist: vocals + guitars
Per Romvall: bass + backing vocals
Peter Derenius: drums